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New production date for Black Adam but it looks like he’ll be fighting another DC big hitter!

August 26th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

It’s been a long time since Dwayne Johnson has had to squeeze himself into some spandex, but it looks like he’s gonna be doing it again with the Black Adam movie finally getting a production date.

Black Adam was meant to be a part of the Shazam! movie that was released earlier this year (well worth a watch by the way) until they decided to go a different way with it which meant that  Johnson would get to play him in his own standalone movie.

Now this was always a great idea, apart from the fact that Dwayne has a lot of prior commitments on other movies and shows such as the Fast and the Furious spin-offs along with hit show Ballers, but that all seems to be different now with Black Adam set to start production in April 2020.

So will Black Adam be going up against Shazam!?

We don’t think so because so far by the looks of things, Shazam! will not be in the Black Adam movie (according to Shazam! himself, Zachary Levi (here)) choosing instead to go with… Hawkman!

Now, if Hawkman sounds familiar that would be because he is, we’ve already seen variations of him on Smallville, and in the DCEU on Legends of Tomorrow who was one of the love interests of Hawkgirl and, bit nerdy this one, the first Suicide Squad movie took place in Midway City, which is where Hawkman resides in the DC universe.

We have our hero, more importantly we have our anti-hero, now all that’s missing is a plot but hopefully we’ll get more details of that when production gets a little closer. It’s nice to see another ex wrestler breaking into the hero genre, I bet Bautista is happy he’s not the only one anymore, even if Dwayne’s not in the MCU.

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