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Revenge Of The Jedi trailer

March 19th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Making its way around the web is the Star Wars: Episode VI “Revenge of the Jedi” trailer that was attached to a re-release of Empire Strikes Back. This was the working title for Return of the Jedi, but George Lucas didn’t feel “revenge” was appropriate (editor’s note- Jedi don’t take revenge.) and changed the title. “Revenge of the Jedi” even went so far as getting titled on some movie posters as well. You can bet they are collector items now. (editor’s note- you bet they are!)

If you haven’t seen the “Revenge of the Jedi” trailer, check it out. Looks like it includes deleted footage as well. Revenge was considered too much a part of the Dark Side, much like how Luke’s original last name was Starkiller. Revenge ended up getting used for Episode III, and Starkiller for the character Bendak Starkiller in the Kotor videogame and as Galen Marek’s codename in The Force Unleashed games.

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