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Rian Johnson terrifies entire Star Wars fandom… says he’s still hoping to make his Star Wars trilogy

October 23rd, 2022 by Marc Comments

Oh, man, we thought we were out of the dark times but it seems that we are not…

Currently doing the press rounds for his Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion, writer-director Rian Johnson has chatting about what comes next and *shudder* he seems to think Star Wars might still be on the menu.

Johnson was the Star Wars golden boy for about five minutes before his movie, The Last Jedi, was released on the world, diving the fandom almost irreparably, ruining the saga’s legacy and main characters, and sabotaging Solo: A Star Wars Story’s (which deserved better) box-office and ensuring Star Wars would become a TV-only franchise after his movie had to be entirely ret-conned in Rise of Skywalker, resulting in it being pretty terrible too. Man, when you reflect on it, he did a great job in destroying the franchise, didn’t he?

Pre-Last Jedi, there had been talk of Johnson getting his own Star Wars trilogy and, thankfully, it hasn’t been mentioned as happening in the six years since; small mercy, really.

However, now Johnson seems to think that he may not be done with Star Wars yet.

“I have talked to Kathy [Kathleen Kennedy] about it and we’re still talking about [my trilogy],” Johnson says in a new interview.

“I had such an amazing experience making The Last Jedi. It’s entirely a matter of scheduling. For me, putting this [Glass Onion] out and making the next one of these…the answer is I don’t know.”

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Asked directly if there will be a Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy in the future, he replied: “God I hope so.”

Look, Johnson is a decent film-maker in his own right with movies such as Knives out and Looper being perfectly passable but his approach to Star Wars was jaw-droppingly terrible with his attempt to subvert expectations, resulting in a movie that managed to derail an entire franchise that, had it not been for Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni’s The Mandalorian, may have since become a fond memory. If you seek to subvert something, to change it unrecognisably, you either don’t understand the source material or don’t like it… which is the truth here is up for debate.

And, even at that, if you are one of the fans who does like the movie – I know there are some and more power to you all – even you must be aware that no studio in its right mind would greenlight a movie, nevermind a trilogy, from a man who did so much damage to the legacy, the fans and the boxoffice.

Personally, I think Johnson is just avoiding saying its dead in the water. Or he’s trolling us… it’s certainly possible, he did it before with a full movie so a comment in an interview isn’t out of the question.

Do you think Johnson will get his trilogy? Do you want him to? Let us know, gang.

Source: Variety

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