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RUMOUR: Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man set for MCU’s Secret Wars

August 19th, 2023 by Marc Comments

While one of the most anticipated upcoming Marvel movies is inarguably Deadpool 3, a big part of that is because of the return of one of cinema’s most iconic heroes… Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

However, it seems that this may not be the only time we see the actor, playing the character for the eighth time, in the MCU and he won’t be the only one returning apparently.

Set for 2027, Marvel’s planned Secret Wars movie – every time I think of Secret Wars, it brings me back to being a kid and buying the awesome figures that came with the comic event – will follow on from Avengers Kang Dynasty – think of Infinity War and Endgame and you’re getting the idea – is touted as being the biggest multiverse event yet… and may see several big stars/characters return.

In the comics Secret Wars saw a cosmic entity called The Beyonder transport all of earth’s greatest heroes to a planet called Battleworld where they have to fight to stay alive; the MCU version is expected to bring together all the threads put down by MCU adventures such as Loki, Multiverse of Madness, No Way Home, The Eternals and Deadpool 3 and will see the return of not just our current heroes but ones from Marvel’s less connected past.

I’m hearing rumours that MCU stars past such as Robert Downey Jnr and Chris Evans will return as Iron Man and Captain America, but I hear too that Jackman will be back along with Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire’s Spider-man (Spider-men?), previous X-Men cast including, if his health and age permit, Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, Channing Tatum will finally appear as Gambit (similar to Nicholas Cage appearing as Superman in The Flash, Tatum tried for years to get his Gamibit movie made) and, very exciting, Wesely Snipes’ Blade will be there too!

I’ve also heard a wild rumour that Kingsman star Taron Egerton will appear as another version of Wolverine; could this be the new MCU Wolverine? Edgerton has long been a fan favourite for the gig.

Now that mutants are confirmed in the MCU, actor Taron Egerton confirms Wolverine talks

However, not everyone is happy about the return of stars from he past. In a recent interview Logan director James Mangold has expressed a bit of regret that Jackman is back as Wolverine given that his movie gave the character a fairly definitive ending, saying: “I can’t say that there’s a part of me that doesn’t wish that we’d let it be.

“But there was always going to be another Wolverine. There could be a baby Wolverine and a cartoon Wolverine. As much liquid as they can squeeze out of that rag, they’re going to try to.”

To be fair, I see where Mangold is coming from but, as a fan, I love seeing these characters come back and Jackman has said, during the announcement (here), that the events of Deadpool 3 would not change the events of Logan, so that ending will always stand.

I know the trope of classic actors and character returning has become tired over the last few years, as is the whole Multiverse concept, but I reckon that, given the right reverence and writers, this would be a great way to finally bring Marvel’s Phase 5 to a close, finally putting the Multivers saga to bed.

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Did we just learn how Reynolds and Jackman’s Deadpool and Wolverine will step in the MCU?

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