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Singer Confirms That “Rogue Cut” of Days of Future Past Adds 17 Minutes To The Film

April 4th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



It’s a known fact that some scenes, no matter how good or beneficial to the story, are cut from movies. For X-Men: Days of Future Past, there was a sidestory featuring Rogue, who was a main focus in the original trilogy, that was eventually cut out. Director Bryan Singer revealed that a special edition called the Rogue Cut would be released with the extra story. But that left the question, how long was the scenes with Rogue?

Well, Singer himself answered in a tweet:

“For the record the Rogue Cut of #Xmen #DOFP is more than 17 minutes longer than the original cut. And has a few little changes I made. :)”

No word yet on when the extended edition of the movie will be released.

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