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SPOILERS Samuel L Jackson talks Unbreakable sequel and why, thanks to Split, he reckons it’s happening

February 26th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Man, we’re getting it so hard to not spoil Split!

But here’s the deal, if you haven’t seen Split yet, then don’t read this… seriously, it’s not just about unbreakable.

So, SPOILERS now, ok…

So at the end of Split we find out that James McAvoy’s character is in fact now a super villain called The Horde and we see Bruce Willis’ David Dunn – his character from Unbreakable – sitting in a diner watching the news and learning that he’s probably going to have to come out of (retirement?) to stop him.

Awesome, right?

Well, Dunn actually mentions Samuel L Jackson’s villainous Mr Glass in Split and so we’re wondering if Glass will also return and it looks like he will!

Jackson has been chatting about Split and how he felt when he saw it and realised it was another Unbreakable movie: “I got a call and [Shyamalan] said, ‘Call me I wanna talk to you about something.’ And I called him, because I always do when I get a message from him always hoping [it’s Unbreakable 2], and he said, ‘I just did this film called Split, I want you to see it,’ and I was like ‘OK, I’m down with that.’ I had no idea what Split was about or anything else, and he said, ‘We’ll talk after you see it.’”

Jackson continues: “So I went to the arranged screening and I called him immediately and was like, ‘OK dude does this mean what I think it means?’ and he was like, ‘Well first we gotta see how the movie does’. And I think the movie’s done well enough now to merit the ‘OK, let’s put this together.’”

So we already know the movie did pretty darned well and everyone was talking about the ending and how it was amazing that it was kept a secret and also that the Unbreakable universe is now officially a thing.

But what of McAvoy’s villain? Jackso really liked him: “I think he’s an adequate foe for what Bruce’s Unbreakable character is in terms of him being sort of unbreakable too in that kind of way, and me having found now—f@#k, that would be two people that Elijah would look at and go, ‘Why are they so this and I’m so this on this end of the spectrum?’”

He finishes: “It’s just a matter of breaking my ass out of wherever that mental institution was they had me locked up and let’s get it on, let’s see what happens!”

Whatever happens, we can’t wait to see Dunn go up against Mr Glass and The Horde… now, where’d we put that Unbreakable blu-ray, it’s time to do some homework!

Source: Collider

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