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STAR WARS DAY 2017: Rian Johnson reveals info on The Last Jedi, a comic character gets the action figure treatment, A special wedding and Batman V Superman: Star Wars Edition

May 5th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Well, another year, another Star Wars Day as May the Fourth draws to a close for 2017.

And the internet was full of Star Wars news, memes and fun… here’s our favourites.

firstly, it’s been revealed that The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson asked JJ Abrams to make a change to the end of The Force Awakens.

What change we hear you ask? Well…

“The big [favor] was, I asked if R2 could come with Rey, and if BB-8 could stay behind with the Resistance,” Johnson says.

“Originally it was BB-8 who went with Rey, which makes sense for the story in a way. But I asked, ‘Can you do me this solid and switch the droids?’”

This means that, as with Luke in Empire Strikes Back, R2 is now helping to find another ‘lost’ Jedi, it also means that in The Last Jedi BB8 will be staying with his original owner, Poe Dameron.

Oh and it means that Luke will be reunite with one of his oldest friends when he sees R2.

Another piece of interesting news is that Johnson also revealed that those of us who can’t get our heads around why Luke fled when Kylo fell to the Dark Side will soon have our answers: “Figuring out where [Luke’s] head was at was the very first thing I had to do when writing the movie. I had to crack this. And it had to be something for me that first and foremost made sense. Why did Luke Skywalker go off to this island?

“That was the starting point, and that’s what the entire movie explores.”


We heard Luke say in the trailer that the Jedi should come to an end, does this have a lot to do with why Luke went into hiding? We’re betting it does.

(Continues after pic)

In other cool Star Wars news, it seems that the first of the new original Marvel character in the Star Wars Universe are set for action figure fame as the official Star Wars site announced we’re getting a Doctor Aphra (above) figure.

Here’s the release:

Doctor Aphra is going on her biggest adventure yet: a journey from the pages of Marvel’s Star Wars comics to your toy collection. And it’s all thanks to you!

The kinda good, kinda bad archaeologist has won Hasbro’s Star Wars Fan Figure Vote on, meaning that she’ll be making the jump to toy form and joining the new 3.75-inch Star Wars Vintage Collection. Doctor Aphra, introduced in 2016 in Marvel’s Darth Vader series, rocketed quickly to fan-favorite status. She was dangerous, funny, and kept the company of two psychotic droids, but wasn’t completely without a heart; it was hard not to root for her, even when battling our heroes. Today, Doctor Aphra stars in her own ongoing series and cosplay sightings are regular.

“I’m of a generation that some of my earliest memories are of Star Wars figures and the magic herein,” Doctor Aphra creator and series writer Kieron Gillen tells “The idea that someone Salva [Larroca] and I made up is going to be one of those, immortal in plastic, feels all kind of magical.”

While runner-up Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars Rebels version) made the contest a close one, Aphra, in typical fashion, remained a few steps ahead and didn’t look back. In the end, the variant cover to Darth Vader #25, seen below, proved strangely prophetic.

Well done, Aphra fans.

Oh, and before we forget, to our good friend Jamie over at Blabba The Hutt, we hope you had an awesome Star Wars wedding day!

Here’s The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson wishing us all a happy Star Wars Day along with the legendary John williams

And we couldn’t do today with out some LEGO awesomeness…

And our local Starbucks in Newry, N Ireland was getting behind the celebrations too it seems

And finally… Zack Snyder posted the following mash-up trailer on his Vero account, bringing the world of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to the Star Wars universe with Dark Side Knight v Super Jedi.

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