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Steven Spielberg still adapting Robopocalypse

October 30th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Daniel H Wilson has revealed that Steven Spielberg’s take on Robopocalypse remains an active project…

Steven Spielberg seems to be pulling a Guillermo Del Toro on us. That is, taking on quite a heavy workload, and having to take a step back and prioritise certain projects, leaving others “in the queue” so to speak. Spielberg is currently working on the Cold War thriller that he is making with Tom Hanks, which is based on a screenplay by the Coen Brothers (sounds rather awesome). Also, after putting that together – which he is in the midst of doing right now – he is then moving on to family fare as he tackles Roald Dahl’s The BFG.

If schedules did go to plan and there were not filming delays and such, then Spielberg would have, by now, released an adaptation of Daniel H Wilson’s Robopacalypse. The book is said to be similar to Max Brooks’ World War Z, and the given reason Spielberg didn’t go ahead with Robopocalypse was because it was deemed to expensive to make, thus both, the script and the budget had to be re-addressed. A similar thing happened with the adaptation of World War Z, as reshoots were needed and the budget skyrocketed.

The intention was for Spielberg to make Robopocalypse once he was done with War Horse, but he then opted to do Lincoln instead at that point. Little had been heard of about the project since it was indefinitely delayed in 2013 and many presumed the project was dead.

However, when DenoftheGeek sat down and had a chat with the book’s author, Daniel H Wilson, he told them: “You know, Spielberg has other movies that he’s directing right now. But Robopocalypse has certainly been worked on. I’m sure that Dreamworks is still very excited about it. That’s what all indications are”.

“It’s just about being patient, you know? I think one of the films on Spielberg’s slate is The BFG, and that’s been floating around for about ten years!”, Wilson added. “I don’t really know what a timeline is, but that’s certainly normal. So I’m just being patient and working on all my projects. It would be some wonderful bonus points if that ever comes together”.

So there you have it folks. Looks like we are still going to see Spielberg’s adaptation of Robopocalypse. Patience is a virtue as the saying goes.

Source: DenofGeek

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