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Sure, it’s likely not, but what if Joker IS part of the DCEU? This is an interesting link…

September 1st, 2019 by Marc Comments

It looks like an intriguing easter egg has been found that links Joker to the wider DCEU after all.

The original post sent to the Batman Addicts Facebook page by user Marcelino Mejia Jr and spots a very interesting link between Batman V Superman and the new Joker movie.

Now, we know that Joker has been announced as not being related to the wider DC universe in anyway and rather is an elseworlds-type adventure.

But… there is a very interesting link between the two that was spotted in the new trailer (here).

Here’s what the original post said (I’ve edited slightly):

There was something that was familiar to me in the Joker trailer and it’s just near the end, when you see the entrance of a cinema; the poster that appears to the right is for Excalibur and it is the same one that appears in the intro of Batman v Superman when Thomas, Martha and Bruce are leaving the cinema.

That they are just playing Excalibur, aaaand [it’s the same in] in the JOKER trailer, coincidence?

[And] there are just three people who are leaving, direct reference to Thomas, Martha and Bruce. Coincidence? I don’t believe it!

Heres the images. First from the Joker trailer and then the corresponding images from Batman V Superman:


Batman V Superman:

So what does it all mean?

Well, there’s a few things. Firstly, it means the movie is set in 1981, same as the opening to Batman V Superman (that’s when Excalibur opened) but for the wider DCEU it means, well, maybe nothing.

It’s likely just an easter egg of sorts with a fun nod to BvS.

However… it may mean something deeper. It could mean that Joker is, in fact, part of the wider universe.

Firstly, the title ‘Joker’ isn’t exactly the name of the DC villain… he’s called The Joker, so the absence of ‘the’ could have significance… maybe the Joker in the new movie is a photo-Joker… maybe he starts something that leads to the creation of The Joker. Remember in Suicide Squad when the Joker told Harleen Quinzel he was ‘an idea’? What if Joker isn’t just someone, but he can be anyone… the comics themselves have hinted at there being more than one Joker.

Plus, from reviews I’ve, reading between the lines, been thinking that Joker may take liberties with the truth of what happens and a lot of it may be in the character’s mind… could he just be remembering one of his possible creations? This might explain why the Waynes are in memory as it’s something he recalls even though in the new movie Thomas Wayne is a character and, from what I’m hearing, not a very nice person. Could this be his memory of Thomas rather than the real one?

It also seems that this version of the character will not fall into a vat of chemicals and become the Clown Prince of Crime, an established part of the character’s birth ala The Killing Joke. But I always assumed Heath Ledger’s Joker’s origins also had little to do with a vat of chemicals.

Basically, I believe that, as always the Joker’s origins are a mystery and no matter how much this movie deviates from what we think we know, isn’t that what the character is really about?

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