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Surely there’s not another Death Star in Star Wars: The Last Jedi… is there?

September 2nd, 2017 by Marc Comments

So with Force Friday II out of the way – does that mean today is Sith Saturday? – we can look back at all the stuff that went floating around the internet after it.

And while the majority of the stuff was basically a few cool images, one new toy – or rather the box art – has made the internet sit up and say whaaaaaaat?

The image in question is the box art a Revell model kit of of Kylo Ren’s new ship:

Notice anything? Yup… that’s the Death Star behind the ship.

So is there another Death Star in The Last Jedi? Well… maybe?

You might notice that there also seems to be an Original Trilogy Tie Fighter in the background… and this could mean a few things?

It could mean that Snoke’s grand plan is another Death Star. Which, let’s be honest, we hope it isn’t.

Or Lucasfilm/Disney are doing some first-class trolling with the fans.


Someone got lazy when they were putting the art together and simply picked an image with the Death Star in the background.

Honestly, we’re betting it’s the third option, we don’t think we’ll see another Death Star.

But you never know…

Anyway, here’s more Last Jedi goodness.

This month’s Empire Magazine Sunscribers’ cover features Rey handing the lightsaber to Luke and it’s pretty damned beautiful…

Also, we’ve been trying to find a better source, but could this be an official poster for The Last Jedi? Because, frankly, we love it!

New awesome promo image too:

It looks like Snoke likes it really really big (stop it!) as the new bad droid BB-9E has revealed; or at least the new Sphero toy has. The toy comes with an AR mode, and Techradar checked it out. It revealed The Supremacy is 60 kilometers in length and the only the sole Mega-class Star Destroyer.

And finally, Topps cards released some new tie-in cards for Force Friday II and one of them was this awesome image that likely reveals how exactly Luke arrived at Ahch-To

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