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Teen Titans heading to the live-action silver screen?

August 10th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

With season 2 of DC’s Titans set to be released soon, the news is now out that Warner Bros could also be setting up a movie to go with it.

An insider at WB has said that a Titans movie is in the mix with the current title being Young Justice League which is to take place in the new DCEU.

So far the only confirmed characters that we know for sure are Batgirl and Nightwing but I’m sure we can expect an array of young members.

As for who the villains will be its not 100% yet, with the most likely so far being HIVE who are heavily featured in the comics and have been previously used in season 4 of CW’s Arrow.

Another interesting possibility would be with this being in the new DCEU does that mean that we could have a meet up with the current Justice League, I mean after all if they’re called the Young Justice League that means there has to be the regular age ones somewhere right?

Or could it possibly be brought into the other side with the standalone movies such as Joker, Batman and Lobo?

Live action Titans did extremely well with what they were given to work with, with one or two changes (Starfire’s clothes mainly) I’m really looking forward to seeing the next season and what that will mean for the future movie.

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