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TV & Movie roundup – Doctor Who news, The Hobbit release date, Evil Dead 4 coming, trailers for Oblivion and OZ: The Great and Powerful

March 5th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Every now and then we come across news or info or trailers that we love but we just don’t have time or space in the schedule to post an entire article about, so here’s the first of our round-ups, covering the stuff we want you to know but just don’t have time… 🙂

It has been revealed that the Doctor and Clara’s first episode of the new series will be an urban thriller called the Bells of St John. They will battle the Spoonheads as they discover something lurking in Wi-Fi.

Richard E Grant will return as the evil Doctor Simeon from the Christmas special the Snowmen, presumably as will the Great Intelligence along with new look Cybermen and Ice Warriors. Silurian Lay Vastra, Jenny and Sontaran Strax are also back in an episode called the Crimson Horror and possibly be part of the events in the finale.

Stephen Moffat says they will visit a haunted house, be trapped under the sea, run the rings of an alien world and fly high in the sky in the upcoming adventures. We will visit the centre of the Tardis as the Doctor fights pirates. And in the season finale the Doctor’s greatest secret will be revealed. Is this the fall of the 11th on the fields of Trenzalore when the question will be asked? Will Clara be the one that asks the question and who exactly is she?

It seems this time, tick tock goes the clock is more vital than ever.

The release date for the final Hobbit movie has been pushed back to December 2014. The Hobbit: There And Back Again has now lost its original July 2014 date release to make us wait for another year for the final part of the trilogy. The original schedule was similar to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows which saw only a seven month gap but it will now go to its traditional Christmas holidays spot. It’s thought the reason behind it is to avoid the super slammed tornado that will be summer 2014 with Jurassic Park 4, Transformers 4, X-Men: Days of Future Past to name but a few. A Christmas release sees very little competition for the end of the trilogy.

The great and powerful Oz and Spider-man director Sam Raimi has announced that he and brother Ivan will be bringing a brand new Evil Dead to the cinema screens. He will begin working on the script for Evil Dead IV this summer. Although nothing is concrete, Sam has said he decided to do it at his brother’s insistence. Ivan, who co-wrote Army of Darkness and Drag Me To Hell with Sam, told his brother that fans wanted to him do another Evil Dead movie and he’d be a fool not to do it.

Sam relented, thinking his brother was seeing something he didn’t and admitted he never really had the drive to do another sequel to his movie until now. Fans clamouring for a new movie were disappointed when Sam announced he would be producing the Fede Alverez’s new version which will be released on April 5th. So it seems that fans prayers will finally be answered, hopes for Bruce Campbell’s return begin as does the countdown.

Tom Cruise’s sci-fi end of the world drama Oblivion got a new trailer:

Raimi’s Oz The Great And Powerful got another trailer too:

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