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Walter Bishop set to be new Star Wars big bad?

February 9th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Walter Bishop may actually be our favourite ever TV character and it looks like he could – big could though – be set to join our favourite franchise…

Yes, it is reported by our good friends over at Star Wars Underworld that Fringe and Lord of the Rings actor John Noble is in talks to be up for a villainous role in the new Star Wars movie.

An Australian radio host said she had it on ‘good authority’ that the Australian legend will either be a villain or, more excitingly, ‘the’ villain in the new JJ Abrams movie.

So will we see a mad Imperial Admiral, a rogue Jedi or a new form of Sith? John Noble has his connection with Abrams through the much missed Fringe and has endeared himself to fans all over the world with his portrayal of Walter Bishop. And to see him become a Star Wars villain is nectar itself. Here’s hoping…

As always, more as it breaks…


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