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William Sadler’s Death will return if Bill & Ted 3 gets green light… excellent!

February 20th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

To say that Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a cultural phenomenon to those of us of a certain age would be an understatement. 

Sixty-nine is still the funniest number ever and we all say ‘dude’ way too much.

The sequel, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, introduced us to one of the duology’s best characters: DEATH.  Now it seems that William Sadler, who played the Grim Reaper, is “keeping [his] bony white fingers crossed” for a third outing.

Sadler, who stole the sequel with his parody of Ingmar Bergman’s classic The Seventh Seal, as he played Battleships with Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves), replied to the first wow movies’ (and the third outing) writer, Ed Solomon’s endorsement of a Digital Spy article on the possibility of a third movie with the following tweets:

Here’s hoping that this project gets its act together and gets made sooner rather than later as the world really needs to start being “excellent to each other” again.

The third movie is rumoured to be called Bill & Ted Face The Music… here’s hoping they do so soon.


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