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Wolverine 3 to feature Sabertooth and Berserker Rage?

August 18th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Back in July, Hugh Jackman asked his many fans what they want to see in the last Wolverine movie, hash-tagged #onelasttime (here).

I naturally replied with a wanting to see the X-23, Wolverine’s daughter and female clone, eventually taking on his role for later X-Men films.

Well has posted an article giving us some little hints into what we might expect from the film and so far they are brilliant.

Apparently, “[there] were lots of calls for Victor to come back”. To those who don’t know who Victor is, he is the fun-loving and highly talkative Sabertooth.

Well, I suppose not fun loving or talkative but what he is, is Wolverine’s main and oldest nemesis. He appeared in both X-Men origins: Wolverine and X-Men; last we saw of him, chronologically that is, was back in 2000 in X-Men.

After being hit by Cyclops’ laser he fell of the Statue of Liberty and smashed into a boat. The fact he doesn’t feature in any of the later X-Men films would have us believe he was dead. However, with the altered reality caused by the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, what happened to him is as yet unknown, but it does give interesting theories as to what might be. He could have remained in Canada for example and Wolverine could therefore be on his way home.

One other aspect that the article noted heavily was about Wolverine’s ‘Berserker Rage’.

This rage is simply where “Logan gives into his animalistic bloodlust by mercilessly eviscerating his enemies.” It has appeared in both the comics and TV series’.

The video link below shows a scene from the X-Men anime that features the berserker rage. I can imagine Hugh Jackman would have a lot of fun with something like that.

The Wolverine sequel is set for release in 2017.

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