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UPDATED: Zack Snyder just teased something Justice League/Darkseid related coming soon…

March 15th, 2023 by Marc Comments

What. Is. Happening?!

Zack Snyder has taken to Twitter to reveal an incoming message from Lord Darkseid with the hastag #FullCircle and the fandom is going nuts.


Well, if you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that Snyder made Man of Steel and Batman V Superman before having to leave [or being pushed] production on his Justice League movie which Joss Whedon took over after Warner Bros panicked after reviews for his DC movies said they were ‘too dark’ and they wanted to turn it all around.

Whedon released Justice League and it was, well, not great. After a lengthy fan petition online, Snyder was given a budget to finish his version of the movie, the fabled Snyder Cut and, while the fans were happy, the sad reality is that it ended on a cliffhanger. It seemed that, since Snyder has moved on to Netflix with his Army of the Dead and Rebel Moon movie universes, we’d never get the full story told.

Jim Lee says the Snyder-verse is dead

And it’s a shame because Snyder had a full arc for the characters in the movies planned out and it would have led to another two Justice League movies – the story is epic, and you can get the details here.

When James Gunn and Peter Safran were announced recently as the new guys guiding the future of DC on the big and small screen, fans hoped that Snyder’s universe might get a breath of fresh air but sadly, it wasn’t to be and when Gunn revealed the first phase of the new DC plan (here), fans started a campaign to get Netflix to pick up the rights to Snyder’s take on these iconic characters which, obviously, isn’t going to happen but God loves a trier.

Which leads us here.

Lord Darkseid, for those who don’t know, is the villain in Snyder’s Justice League and is behind the scenes in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman – he’s one of DC’s top bad guys and, while we got a glimpse of him in the Snyder Cut, fans have been crying out for more and, shockingly, Snyder might have just teased that they’re going to get it with an “incoming transmission from Lord Darkseid” arriving between April 28th and 30th.

Ryan Reynolds almost was Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut

Now, look, Gunn made it clear in his DC reveal that there will be a central DCEU and outside of that, there’s going to be ‘Elseworlds’ movies which, like the comics that name comes from, takes familiar faces and puts them in unusual and new situations; basically, it means that moves such as The Batman and Joker can exist and not contradict or be part of the main storyline and yes, Snyder’s world could easily fit in there.

Is this likely? Well, who knows? We’d never have believed we’d actually get the Snyder Cut in the first place but we fought and campaigned and it happened; the fans have been plenty vocal about wanting Snyder’s story arc continued, so nothing is impossible, however improbable.

Personally, I have a horrid feeling this is nothing and we’re all excited for nothing… bit then again, we’ve been here before, so you never know.



Zack Snyder will screen Man of Steel on April 28th, Batman V Superman on April 29th and for the first time in theaters Zack Snyders Justice League on April 30th. You can see his original post on Vero below:

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