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February 24th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

In this episode of Nerd Herders, Foxy Foxxy & Damian Dragon give news about all the writers leaving DC Comics ‘Lantern’ titles, the fan concern regarding Orson Scot Card writing Superman, Star Wars Episode 7, Guardian of the Galaxy, what is known about the Batman Arkham game installment, and all the pros & cons of the PS4 & Xbox 720 consoles.

Other than the Walking Dead recap, & the book pick of the week, it was a Valentines Day episode…sort of. The Nerd Herders talk about some of the best fictional romances spanning from comic books to movies to TV shows and more. Then to be less romantic, they play a round of “Marry, F&*#, Kill’ with their listeners. So if you’ve ever wondered what Poison Ivy’s venereal disease would be name, how many people would kill Rogue and marry Harley Quinn? It’s all in the Valentines episode of Nerd Herders!

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