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June 29th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

This week Damian Dragon and Foxy Foxxy discuss Robert Downey Jr’s ‘return’ as Iron Man for Avengers 2 &3, a new Mary Jane Watson for the Amazing Spider-Man films, TV show 666 Park Avenue, upcoming film release dates, and Microsoft’s press release regarding the Xbox One doing a 180! As well as Spike’s B-Movie pick of the week, Damian’s Defiance recap and Danielle’s Book Pick of the week.

The Nerd Herders are joined by the cast of fan-made web series Nightwing: Escalation, with Alex Valerana (writer/director/actor as Agent Nelson Brooks) and Diana Cherkas (Huntress) and Shannon Kendall (Catwoman) & John Caballero (co-writer/actor of Nightwing) called in for the interview! They discuss the series, influences, how they handle internet trolls, the lack of female superheroes in mainstream media and crossbows! Episodes can be found at

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