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Temuera Morrison talks playing Rex and Cody in future Star Wars projects, bringing back Mace Windu and renaming Slave I

January 13th, 2022 by Marc Comments

It’s all coming up Millhouse for Tem Morrison. If you know what we mean.

WATCH: While I wasn’t paying attention, Star Wars made Captain Rex in Return of the Jedi official

November 28th, 2020 by Marc Comments

There’s no keeping a good captain down…

Commander Cody! Ahsoka Tano! Anakin Skywalker! Darth Vader! rumours about The Mandalorian Season 2 and Obi-Wan Kenobi series

August 28th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Forget the movies, if this is true, this is the new home of Star Wars

Boba Fett major player in The Mandalorian season 3 and Sabine Wren set for season 2 too?

May 11th, 2020 by Marc Comments

This all gets better and better, really…

following the nerd button the mandalorian

The Mandalorian Season 2 to feature Captain Rex? And is Jamie Lee Curtis joining the Star Wars family?

April 1st, 2020 by Marc Comments

Plus: Is this how Michael Biehn’s bounty hunter will look?

Temuera Morrison wants to play Captain Rex in a Star Wars movie…

September 24th, 2017 by Marc Comments

And so do we! #TemForRex

Dave Filoni has (pretty much) confirmed our much-loved theory about Captain Rex in Star Wars: Rebels AND Return of the Jedi

April 14th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Rex lives! And we love it!

Dave Filoni says Captain Rex may well be in Return of the Jedi!

March 31st, 2016 by Marc Comments

It’s almost embarrassing how excited we are for this…

WATCH: The rebellion grows in new Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 clip

August 28th, 2015 by Marc Comments

Two massive threads are beautifully set up in this 90sec clip… and the official season 2 poster is here too