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Joseph Fiennes to play Judge Dredd in series of 2000AD and Dredd audio adventures

February 13th, 2021 by Marc Comments

And walked off to look for America…

Plot details leaked for Dredd: Mega-City One pilot episode?

September 26th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Taking the focus of the Judges could be a cracking idea…

Karl Urban talks about the chances of him playing Judge Dredd again on the big – or small – screen

June 5th, 2020 by Marc Comments

One thing is for sure, Urban was the law in that movie…

Karl Urban says he’s not involved in Mega-City One series… but wants to be

September 18th, 2018 by Marc Comments

There’s definitely a glimmer of hope though

The Mega City One TV series pilot episode is written and the first two seasons are mapped out

August 5th, 2018 by Marc Comments

One step closer to Dredd’s home…

Yes! Karl Urban confirms he is in talks to return as Judge Dredd in Mega City One TV series

August 8th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Yes, there is a Nerd god after all as Karl Urban has confirmed he is in talks to return as Judge Dredd in Mega City One TV series… “I will be there. I would love to!”

Cool new details arrive on the Judge Dredd TV Series, Mega-City One

June 20th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Prepare to be judged, perp…

Mega City One producers say Karl Urban’s Dredd COULD be involved…

May 17th, 2017 by Marc Comments

There’s always hope when it comes to Dredd…

IDW releasing Funko Ghostbusters, TMNT, Dredd and more comics this May

February 26th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Oh, Funko! Is there nothing you can’t do?!

COMIC BOOK FOCUS: 10 Questions with PJ Holden

July 31st, 2016 by Mark McCann Comments

We love PJ Holden and now we put ten questions to him. It’s just how we role…

Karl Urban says talks about the Dredd TV series are happening…

May 1st, 2016 by Marc Comments

Karl Urban says talks about the Dredd TV series are happening… Justice may actually be coming to the small screen after all. Judge, Jury, Netflix?

Karl Urban challenges Amazon and Netflix to make a Dredd TV series…

April 24th, 2016 by Marc Comments

We’re onboard with this…

10 Questions: Week 1 – Pat Mills

April 5th, 2016 by Mark McCann Comments

Pat Mills tells it like it is, from Britain’s role in WWI trough to the promise of an Accident Man movie…

Get ready for Judge Dredd: Year Two – The Righteous Man

January 27th, 2016 by Marc Comments

Back in the day…

This petition to get a Dredd TV Series made could be the way forward

January 20th, 2016 by Marc Comments

Perhaps the small screen is the best place for Dredd?

Judge Dredd Megazine turned 25 yesterday… how cool is that?

October 22nd, 2015 by Marc Comments

Happy birthday, Dredd… and many more of them

Judge Dredd: Superfiend Arrives In Its Entirety

October 27th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Put on the helmet! It’s time to Judge!

WATCH: Trailer for Judge Death webseries Superfiend NSFW

October 24th, 2014 by Marc Comments

Killing is his business. Business is good.

WATCH: NSFW Trailer for Futureshock: The Story of 2000AD

October 20th, 2014 by Marc Comments

2000AD was a big part of who a lot of FTN’ers are and we can’t wait to see this…

Judge Anderson takes center stage in new series from IDW

June 11th, 2014 by Marc Comments

Psi-Division move to the fore this October at IDW