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New poster for next year’s Little Mermaid remake arrives

October 17th, 2022 by Marc Comments

Disney continues to mercilously raid the graves of all the properties that went before

Two more big names join The Little Mermaid live-action remake

July 17th, 2019 by Marc Comments

Eric and King Triton, done.

Disney casts its live-action Ariel, The Little Mermaid

July 6th, 2019 by Marc Comments

And no, it’s not Halle Berry…

Melissa McCarthy will play Ursula in Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid

June 30th, 2019 by Marc Comments

What? Rebel Wilson was busy?

Has Zendaya been offered the role of Ariel in Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid?

August 25th, 2018 by Marc Comments

There’s going to be letters of complaint…

Moretz out of live action ‘Little Mermaid’?

September 20th, 2016 by Marc Comments

The Kick Ass star has been quoted as saying she has ‘pulled the plug’ on all her forthcoming movies

Chloe Moretz is Working Title and Universal’s live-action Little Mermaid

November 8th, 2015 by Marc Comments

We can see this…