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WATCH: Teaser drops for What If…? season 3

January 7th, 2024 by Marc Comments

After the brilliant season 2, we’re all here for this at FTN HQ

SPOILERS: WATCH: Sebastian Stan seemingly drops three big surprise names in Infinity War line-up

April 21st, 2018 by Marc Comments

Only click if you want to know…

SDCC 2017: Check out the first exclusive poster from Avengers: Infinity War!

July 21st, 2017 by Marc Comments

So we really hope Mark Ruffalo is wrong in his comments about who dies in the movie(s)

SPOILERS: Want to know what one of the Captain America: Civil War post-credit scenes are?

April 21st, 2016 by Marc Comments

Spoilers… spoilers everywhere

Captain America: Civil War was nearly a very different movie…

April 21st, 2016 by Marc Comments

Sometimes things change…

SPOILERS: Did Marvel accidentally leave a big spoiler in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer?

March 14th, 2016 by Marc Comments

Someone may have to answer for this…

WATCH: Seven reasons why Captain America: Civil War may be Marvel’s best movie…

February 14th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

United we stand. Divided we…

Key Winter Soldier Scene Changed For the Film?

May 28th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

This requires…insight

WATCH: Three alternate Captain America: The Winter Soldier scenes revealed

May 18th, 2015 by Marc Comments

On your left… or, after the click, really

“Winter Solider and Age of Ultron set up Civil War,” says producer Jeremy Latcham

January 31st, 2015 by Marc Comments

Once Bucky returned Civil War was inevitable…

Black Widow is confirmed for Captain America: Civil War

January 16th, 2015 by Marc Comments

We can’t say we’re surprised but still…

LISTEN: It’s the Following The Nerd review of 2014

January 12th, 2015 by Marc Comments

We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of 2014 in preparation for what 2015 has to throw at us in our massive show…

More Sins. More Secrets. Your First Look at ORIGINAL SIN ANNUAL #1!

September 11th, 2014 by Marc Comments

This October, the devastating secrets of the Marvel Universe continue to spill out in the upcoming ORIGINAL SIN ANNUAL #1! Critically acclaimed writer Jason Latour and newcomer Enis Cisic expose the never before told history of Woodrow McCord – the enigmatic world protector who heroically gave his life to protect Earth during Original Sin. Protecting […]

Chris Evans isn’t in a hurry to quit as Captain America just yet…

September 8th, 2014 by Marc Comments

We don’t want him to leave, do we? No, no we don’t!

Check out your first look at Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1

September 5th, 2014 by Marc Comments

The Winter Soldier returns with his own new title…

Russo brothers talk tone of Captain America 3 and the return of Red Skull?

August 31st, 2014 by Marc Comments

Could Red Skull be back? Whatever happens, we’re so stoked for this movie…

Russo brothers on Captain America 3 casting, character involvement and closure

August 28th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Could Captain America 3 be the end of Cap’s story? The Russo brothers (left) talk the big issues

FTN SPECULATION: The future of Marvel’s live action movies

July 25th, 2014 by Andrew Comments

As Guardians Of The Galaxy is about to be released, Andrew speculates on what may be in store in Marvel’s Phase 3 and beyond.

FIRST LOOK: BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER #1 Cuts Across the Marvel Universe This October!

July 12th, 2014 by Marc Comments

This October, go intergalactic as the super-soldier spy takes on a new mission in BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER #1

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 to feature more Marvel Movie characters?

June 20th, 2014 by Marc Comments

The Marvel Movie and TV universe continue to overlap?