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TOY NEWS SDCC – NECA Tease With Early Reveals

July 17th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Comic Con is here at last! The queues are forming and the nerds are ready – NECA have revealed a few glimpses behind the curtain before the full show begins!

Alien 35th anniversary

NECA have shown their first EVER cat figure and it’s a gem! Jonesy from Alien!

Now the interesting part… who could he possibly be packed with? (Continues after pic)

Planet Of The Apes

No other news other than this tease of a photo – incoming super-poseable Heston action?…..I sure do hope so. (Continues after pic)

Kick Ass Colonel Stars and Stripes

This one’s sure to be controversial. Jim approved his actor likeness on this figure BEFORE he decided to boycott the film.

It’s a truly great looking figure, and to my knowledge, the first officially licensed Jim Carrey figure.

Includes his dog Sophia and his weapon Betsy Ross Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a pretty cool name for a stick!

Remember – These Colors Don’t Run – and let’s hope it makes it to shop shelves!







SDCC – NEW Marvel Legends Revealed

A few early photos of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Display has slipped out – The quality is poor but there are a few real gems in here – Bartoc The Leaper, tigershark and (about bloody time) Jubilee! – Thanks to Cool Toy Review

Expect to see alot more photos over the coming days.

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