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We look at the best of New York Toy Fair so far…

February 12th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

OK folks, here’s your one-stop place to be for all the best stuff from New York Toy Fair 2013 so far…

So, without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling…

Whilst NECA showed off a lot of new licenses at Toy Fair, such as Kick Ass 2, Lone Ranger and Pacific Rim,

they have not forgotten what the fans truly love them for: Classics 80’s icons in figure form.

They showed off their first ever Rambo figure and said First Blood Part II and Rambo III figures will follow.

More excitingly though, after months of denial and out of nowhere, they revealed the much begged for Ed-209 figure!

NECA have listened to the fans at last and give us what we want.

Also revealed is series 9 and 10 of their awfully popular Predators series.

Series 9 will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original, with two more Dutch figures and a pure class repaint of the Predator as it emerged from water.

Series 10 will focus on the expanded universe, and refer to the 90’s Kenner Predator figures.

Most importantly though, in the Summer we will finally get the Trophy Wall from the end of Predator 2.

Its a good time to be an 80’s kinda guy or gal!

The Playmates Turtles Throwback Continues as Popular ‘Classics’ Series Gets A Second Wave

Playmates have brought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back with a bang,
with amazing sales of their new TMNT  figures in 2012, and strong reviews for their Classics line,
expect alot more from the Teen Turtles in 2013.
Here we have the flash-back inducing Classics Series 2 – Bebop and Rocksteady!
Playmates have confirmed these will be the only two figures in the wave,
but if the strong sales continue, expect to see Shredder, April, Casey Jones and Splinter join the collection a little later.

Ghostbuster Glasses From Mattel: “I feel so funky”

Toy Fair 2013 is in full swing, and although Mattel won’t be making anymore Ghostbusters figures, they’re still going to take advantage of holding the rights to the 80’s classic.


We have Mattel’s Ectoplasmic Glasses prop replica. That ought to do it, thanks very much Ray!

They’re available from the Mattycollector website in June

Batman Returns as NECA hit Toy Fair with their 18″ Keaton and West

As revealed last week, NECA now have the licence to produce 18″ DC figures.
Their Man Of Steel Superman was not shown (At Warner Bros’ request)
but they more than made up for that, with the reveal of Adam West Batman and Michael Keaton Batman!
Expect them to show up later this year along with an 18″ Cesar Romero Joker!!
Hasbro Announce Marvel Legends WOLVERINE Series! What The Puck?!

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends have been a top seller and a welcome return since their full-on relaunch in 2012
At this years Toy Fair they announced a nice and unexpected – a full series dedicated to everyones favourite X-Man Wolverine!
The line will consist of:
Astonishing Wolverine
Sabre Tooth
Emma Frost
Phoenix 5 Cyclops
Build-A-Figure Puck
Thats right. PUCK. How cool is that?! More Alpha Flight figures please Hasbro!

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