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Agents of Shield to Connect With Age of Ultron?

March 14th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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One of the beautiful things about having Agents of Shield be in the same universe as the Marvel Cinematic universe is being able to connect them when the movies come out.

In season one alone they had an episode dealing with the “aftermath” of Thor The Dark World, and then of course the game-changing events of The Winter Soldier changed Agents of Shield forever.

Now, Clark Gregg, Agent Coulson, has stated that an upcoming episode may have the show connect with Age of Ultron.

“As someone who kind of knows the way these worlds connect, I feel like the stuff is there. There are some secrets going on in some of the episodes that even Coulson is keeping from people closest to him, that I’m hoping might be something that connects with that. But I won’t find out until we read that script next week.”

Exciting! But the question really will be about how it connects. Though “The Well” dealt with events that transpired in The Dark World, it really didn’t connect with the movie per se. Whereas the Hydra infiltration that was revealed in Winter Solider literally played out in Shield. So…how will Ultron’s attempt to destroy humanity affect the team? Hopefully we’ll find out!

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