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Could we see Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor in this year’s Christmas Special PLUS get ready for this year’s Children In Need clip

November 13th, 2017 by Marc Comments

We’ll not lie, we missed this when it broke a few weeks back but we think it’s well worth picking up…

Could FTN favourite Matt Smith be set to appear in the year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special: Twice Upon A Time? Well, if fan sightings are to be believed then… yes!

Fans have been tweeting about spotting Smith on the set of the final outing of Peter Capaldi (and first of Jodi Whittaker) and, if you think about it, it may make sense!

Given that we know the episode will see Capaldi’s Doctor meeting David Bradley’s First Doctor and that it will also star Pearl Mackie and Mark Gatiss we’ve been reporting on a few rumours recently, including strong rumours that Jenna Coleman is back as  Clara (here), we reckon it’s all adding up to prove a theory we posited a while back (here)…

As we wrote then:

Remember the first time we met Peter Capaldi as The Doctor? No? Well it was in the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor when all the Doctor’s incarnations came together to save Gallifrey (which is still being sought in the series since) and we saw those eyes  and that was all.

Well now a very interesting rumour has popped up about Capaldi’s last scene as the Doctor (i.e. his regeneration) in this current series.

Fans have all wondered when exactly this happened in Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor’s timeline? We haven’t seen it happen but surely we will? Well now it seems we might just see it.

Word on the Nerdvine is that Capaldi’s final episode will see him in THAT scene and he’ll not be alone, he could be with Game of Thrones star David Bradley as the first Doctor, originally played in the 60s by William Hartnell!

Now, we are aware that filming on the episode wrapped in July, however as we’ve seen pointed out, when Christopher Eccleston regenerated into David Tennant in 2005’s The Parting of the Ways, Tennant filmed his scenes much later on and appeared with Billie Piper through some editing magic.

Add to this the fact that Smith appeared in 2014’s Deep Breath, Capaldi’s first episode, and we can see a ‘circle closing’ type scenario here.

Plus, we LOVE the idea of seeing how Capaldi ended up helping save Gallifrey in The Day of the Doctor. Don’t you?

In a related story, Peter Capalid, Pearl Mackie and David Bradley have posed for some images in support of Children In Need 2017 and, yes, you’ve guessed it… we’ll yet again get a taste of The Christmas Special when Pudsey returns this Friday (17th November).

We’d imagine it’ll be a clip from the episode… but we could be wrong.

Source: Radio Times

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