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Firefly cast talk about if the show will ever return and an awesome unfilmed opening scene…

October 26th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Fans of Joss Whedon’s 14 episode space western/Blake’s 7 tribute opus Firefly have just gotten more information about their beloved short-lived sci-fi classic.

Cast members Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm “Captain Mal” Reynolds), Summer Glau and Sean Maher (River and Dr. Simon Tam), Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye) and Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb) have been chatting about the show and, when asked whether Whedon now being one of the biggest film directors on the planet would make a reunion ever more or less likely, Baldwin said: “It’s up to Joss. That’s up to Joss.” to which an unsure Staite replied, “is it?”.

Fillion meanwhile stated that: “I totally get wanting more. I hear it all the time. “Is there going to be more? When is it? Could there be? What if there was?” And I get it. At the same time, we all had what I would call my dream job. It was the perfect position. Everything was great. Even the challenges we faced, we faced them together. We were all in it together and we were all pulling for the same thing, to make a great show. And I loved every minute of it. It’s really hard to look at that kind of stuff and say “Give me more.” Because enough is enough. Oh my god. It was everything. It was everything. How can everything not be enough?”

While Staite declared: “Sean and I want more. Last night we had dinner and we were in an Uber and we were not talking about Firefly in any way…. You were on your phone and texting away and, I [said] something about Netflix…. And Sean said this, very absentmindedly, “I can’t believe they haven’t picked us up.”

I agree with Fillion. Some series deserve a small run. To be honest, Firefly deserves to be the Fawlty Towers of American sci-fi. If it ran any longer, it would not be able to sustain the quality. Look at Heroes – a series that was truly brilliant in its first series, but went downhill quickly in its second series with its infamous trips to a cliched and dated Cork recreated on the legendary Universal backlot and an equally cliched Shogun Japan. Imagine if Firefly series 2 had happened, with cheesy episodes set on Star Trek/Lost in Space-alike themed planets with space versions of various nationalities. It would have stained a mark on the program.

Fillion also revealed that the series was to have an opening scene that was never shot: “Joss once described an opening scene to me where we are looking at a planet with a ring around it and as we come in close, we see the ring is actually rocks and pieces of ships and old derelicts. It’s a junk ring. It’s the junkyards — we mentioned it in Firefly one time – we see little bits and we’re jumping slowly from bit to bit and as we get closer we see Serenity floating lifeless and these little people getting on and coming through it. And as they get into the airlock and they close it, they come and there’s Malcolm Reynolds, bleeding and cut, strapped down with giant guns and not looking great. He’s got these two giant guns, and he says, “Get off my ship.””

Man… we can almost see it!

Source: THR

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