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Is the evidence mounting that Jon Snow’s fate on Game of Thrones is really not what we thought?

July 5th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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For the watch… three words that have been in everyone’s mind for weeks now. That final moment when Jon Snow’s own men betray him has been one of the highlights of this TV season.

However, unlike most deaths on Game of Thrones, where people simply get upset, angry or some fusion of both, this time, many people believe that Jon Snow is not dead… or will be resurrected. Throughout this week there have been several stories, all seeming to point towards this fact.

The first sign, is that Kit Harrington has not yet cut his hair. Now to anyone that has not seen Game of Thrones, or knows nothing about the film and television industry, that statement may seem insane, but bear with me for a moment. In Harrington’s contract, it explicitly states that he is not allowed to cut his hair.

Harrington stated in an interview in 2014 with Metro Magazine that, “I’ll cut it off, as soon as I’m allowed”. If Jon Snow were truly dead, then wouldn’t he have already cut it?

The picture below is Harrington late last week at Wimbledon… (continues after picture)


Granted, this by itself is fairly weak ground. After all, he could have simply changed his mind. However, his fellow co-star, Emilia Clarke, has stated that, “If I had to bet, I’d say there’s like a 50/50 chance [he’ll be back]. There’s some very helpful people there who could bring him on back to life.”

Now, she also says that she has no idea of what Jon Snow’s fate will be, but even she seems to suspect that we have not seen the end of Jon Snow. On top of all of this, a fan of Game of Thrones, recently posted a photo online, showing Kit Harrington in Belfast filming for the show (below). (continues after picture)


However, all of these statements, at least for me, do not confirm anything. What makes me believe that he is coming back is George RR Martin himself. For those of you who are unaware, Jon’s story has finally caught up with the books, so even avid readers are unsure of Jon’s fate.

As we all know, Martin is never afraid to let us know who he has killed… he almost seems to revel in it, to be honest. However, ever since this event appeared in the books, Martin has been incredible coy about whether Jon Snow is actually alive or not. Martin has never been afraid to show us a body before, so why would he be now?

Of course Kit Harrington has denied all of this, saying that his character is well and truly dead. However, with all of this evidence piling up, it seems that this may be a ruse to distract us… It seems Jon Snow knows more that we give him credit for.

Source: BelfastLive, Craveonline & RadioTimes

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