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Krypton star very nearly joined Crisis on Infinite Earths… more Superman connections

October 8th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

If like myself you’re one of the 500’000 people who was with the show Krypton right up until its unfortunate end then you’d know that the show offered a lot more than just what was on the surface, unfortunately due to dwindling ratings, Krypton was once again placed inside a bubble and put on the shelf.

However, this was nearly not the case as it turns out when it was being looked for Krypton to join in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on The CW.

Cameron Cuffe played Superman’s grandfather Seg-El in both seasons and almost had his role saved by Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow creator Marc Guggenheim. He’s contributed heavily to both shows as well as all of the crossovers, so far he’s been working tirelessly to ensure Krypton’s survival but unfortunately it was all for naught.

Guggenheim took to to twitter earlier to address the rumors as we can see here.

Unfortunately, due to conflicts with filming and schedules, Cameron and the DCEU crew just couldn’t make the dates work, leaving out one of the few El’s left.

So with Seg out, what Kryptonians do we have left?

Well we know that the Arrowverse already has a Superman so that’s one, on top of that we have Tom Welling from Smallville, Brandon Routh from Superman Returns and even possibly Henry Cavil from the Justice League, although it has been said that even if they can’t find time for Henry to do the filming then unused scenes from the various DC movies can be used instead to tie them in.

So just how many Superman is how many? we’ll let you decide. Stay nerdy people.

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