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Moffat confirms Matt Smith’s future in Doctor Who…

February 12th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Is Matt Smith set to leave the Tardis this year? The rumours have begun (again) but they were quickly stamped out…

Steven Moffat has gone public about the rumours that Matt Smith will be leaving the show this year, sparked up by the news that he landed a part in the new Ryan Gosling movie ‘How To catch a Monster.’

Moffat has said that this is untrue and Matt is using the break in Doctor Who filming to grasp a new opportunity. He insisted that the man who plays the eleventh Doctor will be back for a brand new series and is the perfect man to take the show into its fiftieth year.

However, Smith has had his eye on Hollywood for some time so maybe, just maybe, next season will see the regeneration people are expecting.

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