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Superman & Lois Debuts First Poster and Synopsis

August 7th, 2020 by The Nerd Comments

The CW released the first official poster for it’s Superman & Lois, which is scheduled to premiere January 2021.

Of course, the iconic couple is portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane. The synopsis says that after years of fighting villains and saving the world, Superman, also known as Clark Kent, and journalist Louis Lane faces one of the biggest challenges of the modern world: being working parents.

They are raising two boys and they have to decide whether their sons Jordan, portrayed by Alexander Garfin and Jonathan, portrayed by Jordan Elsass, could inherit the Kryptonian powers of the father. They return to Smallville to figure out some business, when they meet Clark’s first love and a local loan officer Lana Lang, portrayed by Emmanuelle Chriqui, with her husband, a fire chief, Kyle Cushing, portrayed by Erik Valdez. They have a rebellious daughter, Sarah, performed by Inde Navarrette.

Somewhere along the way, a mysterious stranger enters their lives. The Man of Steel was first introduced in the show Supergirl. 

The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing is the writer and the creator of Superman & Lois. DC TV universe creator Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Geoff Johns will be the executive producers of the show and will use their Berlanti Productions banner. 13 episodes are scheduled to be released.

Adaptation of characters into the movie and gaming industries

Comic fans saw the debut of “Clark and Lois” back in 1993. Since 1993, there have been numerous TV series, movies and games adapted to Superman’s character. The DC universe brought more popularity to Superman’s character by the movie “Man of Steel”.

Movie was so popular that the DC universe extended a contract with Zack Snyder and together they have created the Justice League series. Along with movies, the Superman storyline was adapted to the gaming industry. Not only console or PC games but iGaming platforms were one of the first to give Superman fans deserved gifts.

Online gaming is still a new fruit and popular providers are always trying to adapt more comic characters into the gaming world. Superman was indeed the most popular character adapted to iGaming platforms. iGaming players wanted live casino games where they could play with favorite characters from comics or console games. “Clark Kent’s” character was ideal for live casino games.

Best live online casinos set high standards for industry and adapting Superman was another level decision. The iGaming industry is growing every year and it won’t be surprising to see not only Superman’s character but also Lois’s personality in new casino games. 

Characters The Arrowverse Already Introduced That Could Appear in Superman & Lois.

Fans hope that the latest edition to Arrowverse will feature some of the already established and well-known characters. Some of them are notorious villains from Supergirl that regularly appear in the show and some of them had brief appearances.

Here are some of them: Jimmy Olsen-was a big part of Supergirl until he decided to leave the CatCo; Lex Luthor – is considered one of the most fearsome enemies of Superman and their history has been discussed in Supergirl; Cat Grant – the fans love this character but they have not seen her for a while, her history with Clark Kent was also discussed or at least hinted in Supergirl; Silver Banshee – is a common enemy for both Supergil and Superman, so maybe she will appear in Metropolis; Maggie Sawyers – has not showed up since season 3, but she is a low-enforcement officer in Metropolis and the fans hope to see her work together with Superman; Mr. Mxyzptlk – a famous enemy of Superman and Supergirlwill hopefully will appear in Superman & Lois; Maxwell Lord is one of the DC’s biggest villains and the fans have not seen enough of him in Supergirl; Lucy Lane – it would be nice to see Lois’ sister on the show; Maxima – Superman does not have many female enemies so Maxima would be a perfect villain to deal with; General Zod – it is still unclear if this incredibly formidable villain is alive or dead and it is time to find out. 

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