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Update!: Will Tarkin Have A Place in The Force Awakens? Tarkin Returns To Star Wars in Rebels

February 2nd, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



Yet another classic Star Wars original trilogy character is coming to Star Wars Rebels. This time it’s none other than Tarkin, yes, THAT Tarkin. Grand Moff Wilhelm Tarkin.

Also, just like in his appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, he’ll be voiced by Stephen Stanton. It’s unclear about what his role will be in the upcoming episode “Call to Action”, but as you can see in the picture, the Imperial troops are at the ready…

Update!!!!: Ok, so if you were wondering what we meant in the title, it’s this. A report from the Star Wars Underworld states that an armband that is worn by a certain Imperial Officer in The Force Awakens in the language of Aurebesh, looks like this:



It translates as ‘Tarkin’

To be clear, we don’t think Grand Moff Tarkin will BE in The Force Awakens…but that doesn’t mean a descendant couldn’t be there…remember, the Extended Universe isn’t canon anymore. So anything is possible…

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