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The Flash producers talk Killer Frost, Jay Garrick, Earth Two and more…

October 7th, 2015 by Marc Comments

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So, The Flash returned last night (read our review here) and now we’re all wondering what comes next for the second season of what is TV’s most fun and unashamed comic book series…

After we last saw Barry there was a massive singularity opened over Central City and it was sucking everything in. We know from the trailers etc that the world doesn’t end and, instead, we now have a multi-verse (Yes!) in the Flash/Arrow-verses and  now co-executive producers Todd and Aaron Helbing have been chatting about the event:

Helbing: “That was a monumental experience for him. The way he’s dealing with it is he’s a little afraid of getting everyone brought into the fold and harmed. He’s sort of taking everything onto his shoulders, so I think you’re going to see him more determined than ever to keep Central City safe, especially his friends and family.” 

Helbing added: “After losing Eddie, it really has stuck with Barry all these months. So he wants to make sure nobody else gets hurt again. Cisco has now learned he has meta-human abilities. But unlike Barry, who had a lot of fun with his powers, Cisco seems afraid of them. How are we going to see Cisco handling this?”

Helbing: “His whole reaction to it is, “Harrison Wells was an evil guy. An evil guy gave me powers.” So he’s struggling with that idea of, “What is this actually going to mean for me?” [and] Cisco’s are more of a dreamlike nightmare at first. He’s seeing things he doesn’t want to see and he has to come to grips with that and learn how to control it.”

Now that the world has opened up and multiple universes are at play, what can we expect this season? Helbing says: “I think we’ll probably tease Earth-Two for a little bit, but then further down the road it’s something that we definitely plan on exploring.”

Helbing adds that meta-humans will pose a threat to Barry and the team and there will be Dopplegangers… maybe even of Barry.

In the season finale we saw Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) as the villainoue Killer Frost (here) will she become the bad guy this season? Helbing said: “It’s definitely something we’ve talked about. Everyone’s meta-human powers manifest at certain times. Right now, we’re exploring Cisco’s.”

He goes on to talk about Jay Garrick’s influence this season: “[he] provides something that Barry’s never really had before, as being a mentor who was also a speedster. So unlike Harrison Wells teaching him how to be better and faster and improve his powers, he’s actually had them.” Helbing elarboates, adding: “We also played with the dynamic last season of Barry having three fathers. And so we really wanted to explore the older brother-younger brother relationship between the two.”

Finally, what about this season’s villain, Zoom? Helbing says: “Last season we had seen Reverse Flash, who was obviously Wells/Eobard Thawne, but he also grew to have this affinity towards Barry. Whereas with Zoom, this guy is just evil incarnate…  He just wants The Flash dead.  There can only be one true speedster and Zoom has to be the best.”

Lots to look forward to this season and while the season premiere wasn’t as earth-shattering as we hoped, we have every faith that the best is yet to come…


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