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Is John Ridley working on a Ms Marvel TV show?

August 9th, 2017 by Dave Bowling Comments

Way back in the wedded was of 2015, Oscar-winning producer of 12 Years a Slave John Ridley was rumoured to be embarking on a project for a Marvel TV series. Since then, we have heard diddly-squat.

Until now. Rumours are that Ridey is working on bringing the latest version of erstwhile heroine Ms. Marvel to the screen. Now, once again we have to stress that this is just a rumour, and since it came via Reddit it’s probably best to take it with a pinch of salt. Possibly a pinch so big that it’s almost a lethal dose. But still, here’s what is rumoured.

Ms. Marvel was the original moniker of Carol Danvers after her genetic code was mashed with Kree DNA in an inevitable “big explosion”. Lately Danvers has taken on the title of Captain Marvel, and a film with her as the main character is due out in 2019. The current holder of the Ms. Marvel title in the comics is teenager Kamala Khan.

Kamala Khan is a teenage American of Pakistani descent living in Jersey City when she discovers that she has Inhuman genes. These manifest as shapeshifting and Reed Richards-style stretching powers. Kamala then takes on the old codename of her idol Carol Danvers, becoming the new Ms. Marvel. Reddit has had this to say about the supposed project:

The pilot of the show is being written by John Ridley, who worked on 12 Years A Slave and American Crime. While it was originally written with the intent for the character to debut on ABC, ABC Studios is also considering Freeform and Hulu as potential platforms for the show. The original pitch began development in the Spring of 2015, but following Marvel’s success on platforms outside of ABC, as well as changes to the schedule of Marvel Studios, in particularly the development and delays of the Captain Marvel film, have altered both the original script and the expected release timeline significantly. The script has undergone several rewrites since its initial commission over two years ago, but development is expected to be officially announced soon, as John Ridley will be able to showrun the project himself following the cancellation of American Crime, which he had previously been working on during the show’s long development.

Of course, this is primarily internet scuttlebutt, but since this isn’t the first time the Ms. Marvel character has been attached to Ridley’s project then there could be something in it. You’ll know when we do.

Source: Flickering Myth

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