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Jim Broadbent talks Game of Thrones ahead of guest role

April 20th, 2017 by Dave Bowling Comments

Man of a thousand roles (including the Eleventh Doctor, sort of) Jim Broadbent is headed to Westeros in the next season of Game of Thrones and he has had a few things to say.

Unlike season 6 guest star Ian McShane, who not only dropped a spoiler about the Hound returning but described the show as “f***ing tits and dragons”, Broadbent has been somewhat more even with his opinions. And he hasn’t revealed any major spoilers either.

In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, Broadbent had this to say about the world’s favourite fantasy epic-cum-soft porn series:

A misshapen Great Britain! History in miniature. And, just, narratives. People love narratives! Broad, but also subtle.

So at least he likes it. Although not dropping any humongous clangers, Broadbent did let slip some details about his character. He said that he will be playing an archmaester in the citadel and shares the scenes of his five episodes with Sam. The Telegraph have claimed that the character is called Archmaester Marwyn, which is the name of a gruff maester Sam encounters at the end of fourth novel A Feast for Crows. This is interesting for two reasons: firstly, Marwyn departs the citadel more or less at the time Sam arrives in the books so the two have very little interaction; secondly, it contradicts earlier report that Broadbent would play a maester called Ebrose. Still, given the show’s tendency to take a few liberties with the source material, it’s possible he will be playing a composite character incorporating parts of both or even more.

Finally, when asked why he’s joined the show after six years of almost every actor who can do an English accent and walk upright having a bit part in GoT, Broadbent categorically stated:

Goodies and baddies!

At least he didn’t say tits and dragons. Still, I’m wondering when Nick Frost’s gonna appear. It’s explain that massive beard he’s been sporting for the last two years…

Game of Thrones season 7 begins broadcasting on HBO on 16 July 2017.

Source: Winter is Coming

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