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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 2 Episode 19: The Dirty Half Dozen

April 29th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


“The Dirty Half Dozen” was a rare attempt to go back to the roots of the series, by that I mean reassembling (ha, ha, ha) the origin AOS team. The doing so was actually part of the fun, as Ward got to walk into enemy territory like a boss, Skye got to show up unexpected, and May got to chew out Coulson before allowing him to make his play.

This also allowed us to see just how far the team had come since its initial mission. Ward was still the bad guy, even with his moments of goodness, especially in regards to Agent 33. May didn’t like that Coulson hadn’t told her about Theta Protocol, or that he brought Ward. Simmons was bent on killing Ward, and Skye wanted to save Lincoln, who was being tortured by Hydra. Long way from where they started.

The unexpected twist of the episode in my mind was just how cool the mission itself was. From them blowing up The Bus (at least I think it was The Bus), to Skye not only using her powers, but showing has learned well in the ways of Melinda May epic fight scenes, to Bakshi not only sacrificing himself to save Ward, but Ward sparing Simmons, when he honestly would’ve been justified in killing her.

Yes, I said it, Ward WOULD’VE been justified in killing Simmons. Why? Because he honestly hadn’t done anything wrong…recently. In fact, both Skye and Coulson owe him their lives. The fact that Ward didn’t kill her, and showed mercy on her actually shows he’s not a full villain. Whereas Simmons is quickly becoming a “kill first, ask questions later” kind of person. She may be the most dangerous person on the team right now. Not May or Skye.


It was also cool to see how the home of the Inhumans reacted to Lincoln being captured. Gordon couldn’t save him because Hydra was tracking his teleportations. Raina was having visions, and kinda/sorta conned/pushed Skye into saving him. Then you had Cal noting how Jiaying should watch her carefully.

And then, there was the Age of Ultron tie in. Not only were there numerous name drops (Strucker, The Twins, etc), but apparently, it’s because of Coulson that the Avengers are going to find Strucker’s base. Also, Theta Protocol is heavily connected to the Avengers apparently. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

In the end, The Dirty Half Dozen was yet another great episode full of both action and character moments. Agents of Shield has been on a roll, let’s hope it doesn’t stop until the season ends.


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