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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Stargirl Season 2 Episode 5

September 8th, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

After an honestly really good episode last week, I was wondering how Stargirl would continue the momentum…and honestly…and surprisingly…it did. Outside of a glaring scene or two. But hey, progress is good!

So, let’s get to the real highlight here, Eclipso’s power is growing, and we got to see that through the art teacher. I kid you not, I had an idea for a “living paint” story in a certain superhero series and this proved why it could be very fun to do. Using the paintings to screw with the minds of the crew was very cool, and showed just why they’re in a much bigger battle than they realize.

And though a bit late, I’m glad we’re getting a look at Icicle Jr., complete with the emergence of his powers. I liked how he’s still holding onto the “perception” of his father while also being very stalwart in not being manipulated by Cynthia. That story he told about her in 4th grade and how he bit back that he didn’t believe her sympathy was quite literally ice cold and very fun to see happen. I just wish we had gotten this a bit sooner because it would’ve felt a little more natural in regards to what happened next.

As for the cliffhanger on Dr. Midnite, I really appreciated the scene we got between Rick, Beth and Pat. Beth was adamant, Pat was hesitant, Rick was at least willing to hear her out, and in the end they came up with a plan that would benefit all sides. It’s entirely possible that Pat doesn’t know about the Darklands given his sidekick status (or that Shade barely used that trick in the JSA’s presence) and thus really could think it’s just Eclipso. And given what happened tonight, that sentiment is literally reinforced quite well.

Shade continues to shine (pun intended) as he gave a very daring message to Barbara (whom I’m glad is getting more meaningful scenes this go around) while also showing his age in terms of him being “reminded” of someone because of Barbara. Perhaps that’ll be used to truly make an alliance happen?

All that being said, there were some key scenes that just didn’t add anything, and harped upon why certain beats are falling flat.

This time I’ll start with Courtney. Her conversation with Pat was groan-inducing at points because of her “calling him out” for not telling the whole truth when Shade would was the epitome of arrogance. Not only did she break her statement from the previous episode, she once again made it seem like it was Pat’s fault for it happening. Then, there was her scenes with Icicile Jr. Their relationship was barely touched upon last season and then fast forward to this one and he’s apparently been drawing her a lot? Ok…

And then the “failed kiss” scene was as CW as you can get. Seriously, learn new material, it’s annoying. Especially when he couldn’t tell that her phone blowing up likely meant something big was happening for her given her exit from his house that she was more than willing to go to at his request. So clearly the “art thing wasn’t weird’.

Moving onto Mike…I know the show wants me and you to feel sorry for him…but I don’t, at all. Not to mention, no one is mentioning how he was held at knifepoint by two villains last episode and no one is asking him how he feels about that? And then cut to this episode and suddenly he wants to buy a car to be…a getaway driver? Can he even drive? Or did he expect Pat to drive it…? It was just so random and dumb (just like Zeke!) that I was rolling my eyes throughout. Especially when Pat caved and said they could do a “JSA Project” together. Isn’t that defeating the purpose of it all?

Finally, and easily the most frustrating (take that Courtney!) was Beth’s final scene. Her seeing her parents divorce in the paintings was perfect. Her confronting her parents was great at first. As was their admission that it was a “mutual decision” and not something tacky that would’ve made the situation cliche. BUT, then when Beth asked for understanding…they fled! Literally! And then they said “we’ll talk about it later…” NO YOU WON’T! I’d be shocked if that scene was in the next episode. Why did the writers think that was a good way to end it? They’re terrible parents, confirmed!

These gripes aside, the core of this episode was strong. Eclipso is coming, Shiv is about to make her move and Shade is making plans in the background. This could turn into something great in the back half of this season (it’s 13 episodes if you didn’t know) and for the first time in a while with this show…I’m hopeful that it’ll stick the landing. For now!

Todd Black is reader of comics, a watch of TV (a LOT of TV), and a writer of many different mediums. He's written teleplays, fan-fictions, and currently writes a comic book called Guardians ( He dreams of working at Nintendo, writing a SHAZAM! TV series, and working on Guardians for a very long time!