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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Superman and Lois Season 2 Episode 5: Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon

February 23rd, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

It feels like an eternity since Superman & Lois was back on, and I was hoping that the newest episode would have us jump right back into things and it did! “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” did advance the main and subplots in various ways…but at a cost at certain points.

A good example of things not fumbling is the opening scene where Lois convinces Clark to not blame himself for Steel’s injuries (ones I’m still mad about for the record) because she was just as much “to blame” as him. And that’s good, because that would’ve just bogged down the episode. I’m sure Nat and her feelings will come back into play, but for now, let’s get some breathing room.

Which brings us to Bizarro. Who after a few episodes we’ve finally gotten some much-needed context on…and it’s pretty surprising. For example, and this is a change to the comic lore I’m fine with, they didn’t make Bizarro the “backwards talking Superman”, they just made him an opposite in terms of powers and certain other things. Including his world, which is apparently being controlled by the cult leader Lois is after! Plot twist!

Yeah, that was interesting, and it connects many things from before including the Dr. from the mines (telling Ally about Bizarro and not Anderson like I believed before, my bad), as well as revealing that Lois WASN’T wrong about her at all…she just didn’t have the whole truth. And the whole truth is much more terrifying.

What’s more, hearing that Bizarro is here to literally save Earth by killing Ally so that Clark’s world doesn’t end up like Bizarro’s is very compelling, and will no doubt test the character of Clark in terms of what he does next. Oh, and thank goodness he didn’t give Bizarro to Anderson first…that would’ve just been dumb.

…which…brings us to some of the lesser plots of this episode, starting with the Brothers Kent. Jordan thinking that it would be fine to get fighter training from Sam Lane…without anyone finding out…was dumb as I noted last episode. But now…we’re getting extra levels of this stupidity. Because Jonathan got jealous of the training, juiced up, took out his anger on his brother, “acted” as though it was all Jordan’s fault, and then when his powers showed, asked for silence. Even Jordan said this wouldn’t work and they did it anyway. Le sigh. What’s more, the VERY heavy-handed argument about “being someone else” between Jordan and Sarah makes me wonder if that doping Jonathan is doing is doing more than just giving him powers…if you get my drift.

Furthermore, Crissy going and seeing Ally was dumb, and then to act surprised when things went wrong was just bad. Granted, this led to her believing Lois more and seeing all that Ally was doing, but they really went the wrong path here in my opinion. Her being mad at Lois keeping secrets? That was fair. Her “wanting the truth”? Also fair. But thinking that she would get it from a CULT LEADER?!?!! Not smart, at all.

And then, there’s Kyle. Kyle was easily one of the worst characters from Season 1, but by the end, it seemed as though he’d finally turned the corner…and then he reverted in the Season 2 premiere…only to be more supportive of Lana…and then we found out about the affair. Which, naturally, blew up in his face at the worst possible time…and I felt nothing. Because they were teasing it so heavily that it would blow up at the party, and it did, and while did save the day with her beautiful speech…it just wasn’t the same after that. And now we’re likely going to see yet another redemption arc for Kyle…and I’m not here for it. I’d rather this have been more about Lana than Kyle, oh well.

Even with those faults, there was a lot of good in this episode, and the new twists on the villains and who is villainous is one that can definitely carry things…as long as they go in the right directions with them.


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