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WATCH: Chris Hemsworth plays Throg in Loki season 1 deleted scene

September 26th, 2023 by Marc Comments

Ahead of the return of Loki on October 5th, a fun little Marvel/MCU oddity has been found online that will undoubtedly give all the hardcore Marvel fans a giggle.

So, in Loki season one on Disney+ we met many versions of the titular antihero and they were all fun – props to the always brilliant Richard E Grant by the way – and we also got a very funny little nod to Thor himself.

In the fifth episode, a camera pan down to through the ground revealed this:

And that, my eagle-eyed fans, is Throg.

Who is Throg? Well, Throg was once a human in the comics who was turned into a frog by a witch (of course) and he later was given Thor’s hammer; hence, Throg.

And he was there in the soil for a fun little nod.

“I always had that one shot designed where – I think I got the idea from Futurama or something – where you go from the dirt and go down into the lair, and I think in my head I was like ‘insert Easter Egg’ and I was like, we’ll put something cool here,” said director Kate Heron at the time, “And then I think we had been through a few things but it was just as Episode 1 was locking in the cut that I was just like ‘oh well let’s put Frog Thor under there because that’s really fun’ and we could put the little comic book reference on the jar. So I just thought that was a fun little nod to him there.”

However, it has since been revealed that Thor actor Chris Hemsworth recorded audio for this brief appearance along with an appearance of Throg that was ultimately cut from Loki season 1: “He was definitely up for it. I remember recording it with him because, basically, we had that other scene originally that was in Episode 1. So that’s what I had all these recordings for, but I was just like ‘oh I feel so bad that we couldn’t get it into [Episode] 1, because it just wasn’t quite right.”

However, the scene has now appeared online and, from the way it plays out, it seems that it was set to play during the scene where Loki is shown the montage of bad things he did and had done to him that led him to become the once-villain of the MCU and one of those scenes had him turning Thor, his half-brother, into a frog! It’s like it just felt out of place because, well, it’s pretty funny.

You can check out the unfinished scene below and, if I were a gambling man, I’d have to say that this is now MCU canon… right? However, how it ties into him being buried in the soil in episode 5 is anyone’s guess.

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Check out the scene here:

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