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Battlefield 4 PS4 Review

December 15th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

With a tag line of Do More – Be More does Battlefield 4 deliver?

Well where do I start with this one…..?  Having never been a huge fan of the Battlefield games, and preferring Call of Duty I’ll try my best to give an unbiased and exact review.

From the get go this game does drag you in, and I must say has one of the most unique uses of a Bonnie Tyler song I have ever experienced. You kick off straight away as part of the team you get to control, utilizing a nice bit of trickery to get you used to the control system as you start with no ammunition in your weapons. Run, jump, slide, climb and it’s into the gunplay with a first session of defend the position to get you used to the fire control system.

As per usual the Battlefield game engine gives you a good mix of levels with different playing arenas including vehicles and sub aqua missions. Surprisingly over its main competition for a first person shooter on the PS4 it has a huge selection of usable weapons and you can swap out at any of the many placed ammo dumps throughout the game areas.

The game itself tips along at a nice rate of speed and the team support function during gun play is a great asset and greatly improves the playability and enjoyment of the game.

However all being said the game is not without it’s flaws or annoyances. The game play can become a bit hectic at times and like COD it suffers from the same getting lost while playing problems, also having to wait to progress on certain levels for your team members to open doors for you.  The gameplay does cut in nicely with cut scenes though and does keep you immersed.  I also had the issue of the game unceremoniously and unexpectedly quitting on me on 3 occasions which caused me to lose my progress.

With regards to the online play it’s what you’d expect from a battlefield game with the options to utilize vehicles and varying positions on the vehicle with other online players and is a good laugh, however I just didn’t feel it.

The main problem with Battlefield 4 in my honest opinion is that the developers don’t appear to have tried to utilize the power of the new generation console to step up the appearance of the game, it looks like a conversion of the Playstation 3 version, having seen some gameplay from the 3 as a comparison.

All in all Battlefield 4 is a fun game to play, and if you’re anyway compulsive, like me, you’ll have the game finished in about 5 hours, and I have to admit for the cost of the game I just felt a bit cheated by it.  And with regard to the tagline Do More – Be More, I think Electronic Arts could have listened to their own spin and done just that.


A fairly good game but I feel they didn’t deliver on their taglines and rather just coasted along

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