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Doctor Who: Legacy Free-to-Play game launches on IOS and Android Tomorrow

November 26th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment

Now that ‘The Day of The Doctor’ has come and gone are you left with an empty feeling that will be unfulfilled until the Christmas episode?
Well it looks like BBC Worldwide has you covered as long as you have an IOS or Android device. The free-to-play game Doctor Who: Legacy launches tomorrow.


The free-to-play game will provide fans and “easy to learn, hard to master” experience.
The basic premise is you as the Doctor must gather a group of companions to go up against the shows villains.

The apps first incarnation will feature episodes from the most recent series with updates to come from Season 5 and more in the New Year.


As long as the game is fun this could provide a much needed Doctor Who experience that fans are missing considering the mess that the console game ‘The Eternity Clock’ failed to impress the fans.


Expect a quick review tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

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