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Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft?

July 2nd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Over there at Microsoft headquarters it must be a 24 hour party. With all the firing and leaving that has gone on in the last few months. You know how it goes, so and so is leaving the workplace so let’s do a quick whip round, get them a present and arrange a party to say cheerio.
Now another one bites the dust and this one is a biggie.

Don Mattrick the President of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business has left the company. If you watched the recent Xbox One unveiling or the E3 conference that followed you would know Don as the guy that looked out of place, a man who didn’t seem to fit on the stage and who isn’t used to standing in front of thousands telling us about a console.
The strangest thing is he is leaving to take over the CEO position at Zynga games, you know the annoying pay to play mobile games company, the one teetering on the edge who are nearly in the sea and a company who are failing in every aspect of the business.

It’s a strange time for Don to leave considering the Xbox One has had an upsurge since its 180 decision on the DRM and always online policy, but some sources say Mr Mattrick was playing those very close to the chest. Meaning that going back on these may have hurt him professionally.

I really do hope Don knows what he is doing, turning Zynga around to begin making money again will be no easy feat and to be honest until lately Don has had it easy at Microsoft.

This begs the question; does he know something that we don’t?

Blockbuster a UK company posted that last weekend they received the largest amount of pre-orders for a console and that console was the Xbox One.
Amazon also reported a massive surge of pre-orders but didn’t specify which console they were for.
The writing may already be on the wall but it does look like Microsoft are doing better in the console wars… this could just be wishful thinking though. Checking around the internet still sees many people whose trust in Microsoft has been burned. All we know is that Zynga has a new boss and Microsoft is looking for a new President of interactive entertainment.
This could be taken as a sign that Microsoft is also a floundering ship, but to jump from one sinking ship to another would be silly and Don isn’t that man… or is he?

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