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E3 2016: Gears of War 4 to have cross-buy and cross-play

June 15th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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At yesterday’s E3 press conference Microsoft showed off a nice chunk of Gears of War 4 gameplay showing of the usual explosive gameplay alongside some nice visuals.

Today Microsoft have confirmed that the game will support its new cross-buy, cross-play initiative, if you buy the game for the Xbox One you will be able to play it on a Windows 10 PC as well, on top of that you’ll also be able to skirmish against each other, so Xbox One players will be able to play against Window 10 players.

On top of the Cross-Buy, Cross-Play feature Microsoft have announced that if you preorder the you will receive all previous Gears games for Xbox 360 as a nice bonus.

Source – Eurogamer 

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