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It looks like there’s a Scream/Ghostface video game in the works!

September 25th, 2023 by Marc Comments

I have made no secret of my absolute love for the Scream franchise, easily my favourite horror IP and I’ve often thought that a Scream – or Ghostface – game could be a lot of fun; and it seems I’m not the only person thinking this way.

This rumour kicked off in July when Ghostface creator RJ Torbert tweeted about an upcoming Scream boardgame and seemed to imply that there’s also a Ghostface video game coming:


However, you’d be forgiven for being confused by the tweet – I still can’t make head nor tail of it – but, while this had fans talking, Scream Youtuber Beyond the Mask has revealed that, yes, there is a Scream game in the works and he even has some cool details.

According to the YouTuber “Supermassive Games have acquired the rights to the Ghostface IP and are currently developing a Scream-based video game”.

Brandon James’ Ghostface mask from MTV series found in Scream VI

Supermassive are the creators behind The Quarry and Until Dawn (here), so the report has it that, should the game be a reality, it will “be solely decision-based and be heavily reliant on cutscenes. If you’re a fan of games like The Quarry & Until Dawn, the basis is pretty much the same. The game follows well-known actors as they progress through a story that the game has set in motion. The player makes the decision on how their character responds and that determines who dies or who the killers are and so on.”

While this could be fun, I’d much prefer a more open-world, stalk your victim in the dark, dusty house sort of gig but I’ll take what I get.

Of course, one of the big questions with a title like this is – and this is very important to people like me and, I’m guessing, you – is will the game be canon? Will it exist in the Scream movie world? Perhaps it’ll be a standalone adventure? Maybe, and this could be fun, it’ll be a game based on the in-universe Stab movies? Or perhaps it’ll be an adaptation of one of the movies? There’s so many possibilities, really.

Scream VII nabs Happy Death Day and Freaky director as Radio Silence step down

Beyond the Mask say that the person who leaked the details also leaked news about the upcoming Tomb Raider remaster long before it was announced, so they have faith in the reveal.

Id this is true, when might we her about it? Well, the report says it’ll be officially revealed next month… a Halloween announcement, perhaps?

This is great news, I’m a sucker for Scream content and a new game would be just the ticket… oh, and that board game I briefly mentioned at that start? Yeah, I’m here for that too!

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WATCH: Beyond the Mask breaks the news down:

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