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Narco Terror Review

August 8th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments



Did you spend all summer in an arcade feeding the machine all your pennies?
If so Narco Terror could be the game for you.

Coming from Deep Silver the company behind the new Saints Row and Dead Island comes a top down retro arcade shooter that like Ronseal does exactly what it says on the tin.

Like a Sylvester Stallone film check your brain at the door, don’t look for a plot and be happy things are blowing up and you’ll be just fine.
The story is something about narcotics and you as a super cop are taking down the bad guys, typical 80’s macho BS. It works for this style of game, a game where killing as many people, blowing up things and essentially causing havoc generates you points and money. The money can be used to upgrade your weapons (putting laser sights and better ammo on/in the gun) and your skills, the points just show how good or homicidally maniacal you actually are.

You go through levels coming up against impossible odds and somehow beating them every time. In a time where games are heading in a very story driven direction it can be refreshing to see something that just aims to cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible.

It has a co-op drop in and drop out function meaning your friend can join you for a level but if he has to leave you can continue playing at no cost to yourself.
The game reminds me of summers spent at the arcade, smashing the red fire button and feeding my ‘not so’ hard earned money into the machine turn after turn.

If you fancy some retro action with little to no story then this game is for you, I normally turn towards the more story driven games but this was a breath of bloody fresh air, which smelled of copper and sweat.

This game sneaked onto the XBLA, PSN and Steam but can be had for the price of a Grande Starbucks coffee.
It really isn’t my type of thing but if you like mindless action and endless repetitiveness then it is for you.
Could be fun with a friend but I’m not convinced.

I give the game 6 out of 10 nerds.

It can be really fun for a while but not something you will lose yourself in, it had really no push behind it and seems like it was just pushed out with no agenda. It is a good looking arcade game but I don’t see myself continuing to play it.

We received a copy of the game from Koch Media for which we thank you.

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