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PlayStation 4 Release Date Announced 29th Novemeber Europe

August 20th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments



At their conference at Gamescom today Sony announced the release date for the PS4 which will be November 29th for Europe and Novemeber 15th in the USA.
This doesn’t come as a surprise as both consoles will be wanting to come out in the ole US of A before Black Friday the biggest electronics sale of the year over there.
We knew it was coming before Christmas and here it is mere 3 months away so get saving folks.

We still don’t know Microsoft’s Xbox One release date but you can only imagine it will be around the same time, they won’t want to give Sony any head start.

In other news the PS Vita WiFi edition is set to drop nearly $100 in price to compete with the Nintendo DS. This isn’t a surprise as the Vita isn’t doing as well as it should considering it is a really good machine. With this in mind the PS4/Vita combo could become the staple of homes everywhere and we know that’s what the Sony board of directors are wanting.


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