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Sony and Microsoft bury the hatchet, cross play coming for all major games

October 7th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

With Christmas nearing in a few months, everyone’s looking at major consoles as the sales are soon to start.

Whether you love PC, Xbox, PlayStation or, like me, you’re fond of Nintendo, there’s certainly something for everyone. Although these days it’s not so much about the console, more like who you can play with.

Well a few days ago, Sony announced that Beta testing for cross platform play has come to an end, finally, we will soon have cross play across all major games between Xbox and PlayStation.

This is far from new, with Xbox and Nintendo partnering up when the Switch was released for games such as Rocket League, however for a while Sony held out, not wanting to dilute their player base and feared for their customers privacy.

So now that Sony have finalized everything, what does this mean for the future of gaming?

I think the most obvious change will be E-Sports, games like Mortal Kombat 11 have tournaments through Sony where people can win cash prizes, and everyone saw that kid win the Fortnite World Championship, so I think it would be fair to say that these tournaments will soon change and we’ll be getting a wider and more diverse player group.

Fortnite, Rocket League and Call of Duty : Modern Warfare are all currently up and available for cross play across all major consoles, but what other games can we expect?

The biggest developer in gaming is still coming to the table, with EA currently looking at how to use the cross play in their games such as the classic FIFA, and my personal favorite the NHL. This will finally put an end to all the arguments that you only lost because you were playing on a different console. This is also huge for EA after the abysmal reception FIFA 20 received, with bugs and glitches that made it impossible to play the game (kinda what EA does tho, release games before they’re finished), this means that they can at least give the people what they want, more people to play against (and hopefully better servers).

I expect in the future that Nintendo will be invited to the party, once they get more third party games like CoD. But if this happens, could we also see an end to certain console exclusive games and have Fable on PlayStation and The Last of Us on Xbox, only time will tell. Until then keep your ears peeled and your controllers charged for more updates and cross platform games. Stay nerdy people.

Source: GiveMeSport


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