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Sony Charging For Multiplayer Gaming

November 6th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments




This isn’t news you say, we knew this already you say.
Well the Japanese Nikkei Business Daily reported the cost will be $9.99, 6.99 Euros and 500 Yen a month (They haven’t sited sources). This seems in line with what PS+ currently charges.
Along with being able to play multiplayer comes free games every month, a service that Sony has already implemented successfully this generation with PS+, you will also be able to chat socially with friends, something which was sadly missing on PS3.


Sony confirmed in a tweet that without PS+ users would still be able to play single player and access media services like Netflix.


They also confirmed that the yearly fee of $49.99 would still stand if you want to make substantial savings.




I think its safe to agree this isn’t a bad move on Sony’s part, the reason they were behind in multiplayer this gen was lack of features and support, something Microsoft can do considering the £40 a year Xbox Live subscription fee. It looks like next gen both companies will be beside each other butting heads hoping to win over the online crowd, but if you ask me cost or no cost it only comes down to one thing… the controller.


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