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Spinfinity Man Review

June 30th, 2019 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Spinfinity Man Review

Spinfinity Man is by no means a typical slot machine game. For starters it offers cluster pays to help players win and has no fewer than 7x 7 reels. It also relies on superpowers, free spins and wilds as the major features. Players also have options to level up and gain tougher enemies to receive greater pay-outs. In the games better rounds there are chances to win 500x and whilst that doesn’t sound like an awful lot it means the RTP can still get to just under 96%

Whilst the story and set up isn’t really hugely unique (Spinfinity Man relies on the classic tale of a battle between a villain and a superhero) what sets this game apart is the great graphics and the fact that the company developing it, Betsoft, have actually made the effort to make it appealing and interesting to players. 

How does betting on Spinfinity Man work?

Values are listed at the bottom and bets are selected from there. All cluster pays that are possible are covered. This game allows for free spins to get triggered directly – and all you need to do is get access to them. You can select any amount between $0.10 and $10, then select ‘spin next’. 

As with other games at and other online gaming platforms there are numerous different prize options available. You can win up to 500x per spin, but to get that much you’ll need several higher paying clusters. It’s fair to say that this kind of reward isn’t as highly favoured as it used to be, but you will get just under a 96% RTP slot machine…so still worth considering. 

What are the Spinfinity Man Slot Features?

When four plus matching symbols show together, clusters of symbols form. Once a win is established the symbols that are involved blow up and this allows others to come and give it another try. If you’re lucky enough to get six or more clusters to explode then this activates Fan Girl Fame. What happens next is that a random number of icons explode and deliver instant wins. 

Another available feature of the game is the form of the wild. This is a symbol which you can use as part of other winning clusters, and act as a substitute when next to regular, matching symbols. 

When Spinfinity Man appears on the reels, five superpowers can get triggered. These include:

  • Laser Eye Beam
  • Double Laser Eye Beam
  • Icy Blast
  • Double Icy Blast
  • Telepathy

Each one of these superpowers acts to remove symbols in a totally different way. This in turn triggers the cascade effect. 

If the aim of the game is to take the villain trail as far as you can, then Mr X can also appear. Once the trail is complete, you’ll then trigger the free spins. Once these have been triggered the game takes on a different appearance, and the city that is in the background now appears to be in ruins. Here, you’ll get ten free spins alongside a chance to go after Mr X. This also triggers off lots of different super combos and other interesting features. 

What is the theme and design of the game like?

It’s a typical ‘good versus evil’ set up for the game and to be fair it’s an element which has served many a comic book, slot machine and video game very well over the years. The two major characters Spinfinity Man and Mr X are there, and as you play there is the option to have upgraded versions of them as well. The further you go into the game you can get either Ray Gun, Hipnosis or Bomb Villain to fight against – so a range of different ‘baddie’ options, which always makes thins kind of thing more fun.  

Is it worth playing?

Spinfinity Man is a really very well designed slot game from Betsoft, and players will find it is on that does offer pay-outs thanks to its cluster pays. It’s one that is definitely worth considering if you like a ‘classic’ story and set up, but with some new, quirky and interesting twists to keep your attention. Give it a go and see how you get on…

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