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WATCH: Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Wrap-Up

June 11th, 2019 by Crowbar Comments

Ubisoft’s presser was a breath of fresh air compared to the monumental waste of time that was Bethesda’s Presser. With games being revealed that we knew about but got to see actual gameplay, to announcements of updates to games like For Honor and Division 2. Here’s the quick breakdown.

Watch dogs: Legion: Taking place after a fictional future (let’s hope this ends up being fictional), Brexit has been a disaster and has made London a surveillance state. A major feature about Legion is the ability to play as what seems like anyone. You have the ability to recruit people with different abilities off the street and play as them. This includes an old woman, who uses a taser against the police. This montage of her using a spider drone and being an overall badass completely sold the game for me. I couldn’t get into the previous games, but the concept of seamless character recruitment and enhanced combat has me interested. We also got a release date of March 6, 2020.


The Division 2: The game has been out for a few months now and players will be seeing a new raid and DLC episodes that take the player outside of Washington D.C. and back to New York City like the first game. But that was not all. The story of The Division franchise is filled with great stories and lore to explore. Ubisoft has partnered with Netflix to create a live action movie. On top of that, it will be directed by David Leitch. You will recognize his work with Deadpool 2.

Roller Champions: To my knowledge, we do not have a roller derby video game in the current generation of video games. But now we do, and it is available on Ubisoft’s PC client Uplay in alpha testing. If you’re old enough (I am not) it is reminiscent of the game Speedball. I do not understand what roller derby actually is but this trailer looks pretty damn fun. With the gaming communities becoming more competitive I hope this one catches on to lighten up that MOBA space a little bit. This could give Rocket League a run for its money.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint: John Bernthal’s dog stole the show. But I loved his enthusiasm when speaking about the new Ghost Recon game he is starring in. It will be a “live game” similar to The Division and Destiny. However, the company is giving us AI teammates so we can play through the game easier solo if gaming with others isn’t your thing. The trailer was scripted and we did not see gameplay, but explosions are cool. We get to start playing on October 4 this year.


I was pretty satisfied this year. We’re also getting Rainbow Six: Quarantine a three-player co-op zombie shooter. So another one of those to add to our libraries. The trailer was cinematic and did not feature gameplay. Ubisoft also mentioned an update to their Uplay service called Uplay+ and it is basically the Microsoft Game Pass. Overall, it was all about updating current games with short term goals. Seriously, after Bethesda, anything is better than three mobile games and free updates to Fallout 76.

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Source: cnet

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